VR Musical Environment

One of my primary passions as a music technologist is to create immersive sound and music environments for virtual and augmented reality applications. This project shows one such environment, in which the user can walk into various bubbles, each triggering a unique audio/video presentations. They are then free to walk around inside of the bubble, or leave if they so choose.


This project was put together in Unity, which allows for several audio spatialization options. In the first and last bubble, the Oculus ambisonic to binaural coder was used to placed an ambisonic signal in each scene. In the second bubble, an audio source was placed at the location of each musician in the bubble, playing back the spot microphone signal of that musician.

This project is the beginning of a series of immersive sound environments. Future projects will allow the user to interact with the musicians, altering their volume or timbre in various ways. Such features will improve the immersion of the user, and can be used to deliver powerful messages.

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